Essential Oil and CBD

Pairing Essential Oil with CBD Oil


CBD and essential oils are a match made in heaven. 

Both develop in mother nature 100% naturally… both have been used for thousands of years to restore the internal balance that creates wellness… 

And both are being discovered by grassroots movements in the mainstream consciousness of what truly creates health and wellness with pain relief. 

As more and more research into these natural, holistic health options becomes available, there is more and more proof of what we intuitively knew all along… 

That this is Mother Nature’s plan for keeping us happy and healthy. 

Below are some recommended essential oil and CBD oil pairings currently used by Wave Crest Massage.

Lavender & CBD Oil 

Pairing Lavender Oil with CBD Oil is a great option for any situation that requires a release of tension and a letting go of stress… 

Including winding down for a good night’s sleep. 

Both are known for their soothing and restorative properties, so when you just need to let go and enjoy peace, consider giving this pairing a try. 

Eucalyptus and CBD Oil 

Both Eucalyptus and CBD are potent pain fighters. 

If you are experiencing joint and muscle pain, use this dynamic duo to take it on from the inside and the outside. 

Lemon and CBD Oil 

Out of energy--never fear when you have CBD and Lemon Oil near! 

Both CBD and Lemon Oil are known for providing a clean energy that doesn’t induce shakiness or anxiety. 

When you need a quick pick me up, look to this pair. 

Frankincense and CBD Oil 

This is yet another powerful stress relief pairing that also carries immune boosting benefits. Both have been prized for millenia by royalty across civilizations. 

When life tries to stress you out--fight back with these two ancient oils. 

Rosemary and CBD Oil 

Another energy boosting duo, both Rosemary and CBD are renowned for improving brain function… 

So when you need your mind to be sharp but don’t want to turn to stimulants… consider combining these two. 

These are just a few suggestions… you can combine the pairings above… and the possibilities are almost endless when you combine a pure CBD oil with Young Living essential oils for continued pain relief.