Couples Massage Workshop

Couples Massage Class

3 - Hour Couples Massage Workshop

Private Sessions

For those who want a more personalized and/or private massage class, we offer couples massage workshops for couples or individuals as well. Keep in mind that any of our public and semi-private workshops can be done as private sessions. Private sessions are usually held in your own home. However, we can set up a session at your office or hotel suite on the north fork or south fork of Long Island. 

If the session is in your home your therapist will bring a professional massage table and all of the linens and supplies that you will need. You should prepare a space that is comfortable and private for your session. Make sure to wear loose clothing with short sleeves so you can give and receive a great massage. Just contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we can custom tailor your private session to meet your needs.   

 During the massage the therapist will be actively demonstrating massage techniques that will be most effective and pleasing to the person on the table at the same time as one partner is performing them on the other, which is an excellent massage experience for the receiver as they basically get a four-handed massage.. 


Private Massage Workshops for Individuals 

   We also offer an individual massage class for the person that wants to learn how to give a great massage or develop their sense of touch and possibly surprise someone in their life with their newly developed skills and understanding. We recommend having someone that you can work on while the therapist guides you through some great massage techniques. 

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